Magical Unicorn Fantasy Cake


Introducing our NYC Birthday Cake’s Enchanted Unicorn Cake with Horn and Flowers – a breathtaking, whimsical creation that will transport your special occasion to a magical realm of wonder and delight. Expertly crafted by our talented team of bakers and decorators, this captivating cake is guaranteed to enchant and amaze both young and old alike.

The star of this ethereal cake is the beautifully sculpted unicorn horn, crafted with care from edible fondant and hand-painted with shimmering gold luster dust. The majestic horn is nestled amidst a garden of hand-piped buttercream flowers in an array of enchanting pastel colors, creating a stunning visual display that will leave your guests in awe.

Delicate swirls of colorful buttercream and edible pearls adorn each tier of this spellbinding cake, evoking the magical essence of the mythical unicorn. The cake is finished with a touch of edible glitter, adding a subtle sparkle that truly captures the enchantment of this extraordinary creature.

But the Enchanted Unicorn Cake with Horn and Flowers is not just a visual masterpiece; it is a delectable treat that will delight your taste buds as well. Choose from our selection of mouthwatering flavors, such as classic vanilla, rich chocolate, or heavenly red velvet, all perfectly complemented by our velvety smooth buttercream or indulgent ganache fillings. Our commitment to using only the finest ingredients ensures that every bite of this magnificent dessert is a celebration of exquisite taste.

At the NYC Birthday Cake, we take pride


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