• An elegant two tier white cake for that beautiful woman. Perfect for any occasion to celebrate a woman's individuality. Cheers and have fun.
  • A two tier fondant cake. The first layer is covered with black, blue and white stripe. The second layer is covered in pure black fondant for that sophisticated look.Cheers and start the party.
  • Tuxedo Cake with black bow tie and stars. Suit up and be the perfect gentleman with this cake. Be the star in the party.
  • Turn the occasion into a magical birthday party with this colorful fondant crown cake.Make a wish and be the princess that you want to be. Have fun with all the kids with this yummy cake.
  • A two tier fondant cake. Great for birthday,anniversary or any occasion in between. Enjoy the yummy taste and share to everybody.
  • A Captain America, Iron Man and Incredible Hulk cake in one. Great for birthday or any other occasion.Perfect for those super heroes enthusiasts.
  • A two tier cake. First layer is covered with yummy white flower frosting. Second layer is covered with fondant purple icing with pearls. Great for any occasion.
  • A Superman cake for that superhero fanatic. A cake perfect for the center table.Kids will all be excited to taste this yummy cake.
  • Black and white Masquerade Cake for a masquerade themed birthday party. Perfect for the party centerpiece. Every bite of this cake is worth the excitement.
  • A white fondant cake adorn with flower petals and a cross to celebrate the first communion. Share the happiness to everyone with this cake.
  • A purple and white two tier fondant cake for that momentous first communion. Welcome your little one to a leap of Christian faith with this cake.
  • A fondant cake for the graduate.Cheers and congratulations. Let every guest have a taste of this delectable and yummy cake.
  • Lets celebrate and have a party under the sea. This 3 tiered fondant cake will surely impress all the kids in the party. Lets dive and have fun.
  • A two tier fondant cake to welcome your little one to the Christian world.Share and enjoy the occasion with this delectable cake.
  • A colorful fondant cake with a cute lion on top and elephant on the side to give that circus themed birthday. A delectable and yummy cake every kid will enjoy.
  • A two tier Minnie Mouse bow cake. Perfect for the Minnie Mouse fanatic. Great to share with friends and guests.
  • A two tier white cake topped with flowers. Simple yet elegant with its white frosting. Perfect for birthday,anniversary or any other occasion in between.

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Everyone who has ever baked a cake is welcomed!

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Prizes will be awarded June 30th
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