• A two tier fondant cake for that special lady on her birthday.First layer is covered with blue fondant and pearl stud. Second layer is covered with white fondant and decorated with black patterned flowers for that sophisticated look.
  • A green, blue, white and black tile cake for that special day of your little boy. A great party cake for everyone to enjoy.
  • A cute toy cake designed for that playful boy. Let everybody push the ball and keep the fun rolling. Have a slice and keep coming for more.
  • Have a puff and enjoy the party with this cigar cake. Perfect for the man of the day. Share and enjoy the cigar in a yummy taste.
  • Peppa Pig, a character every child love. Surprise your little one with this cute Peppa Pig birthday cake. Let everybody enjoy this cake.
  • A simple blue Christening cake for that special little boy.With white fondant print and white flowers on the side. Celebrate and share this cake to everyone.
  • Explore,dream,discover. A cake for the man who loves going places and discovering new things. Time to share this cake and start the adventure.
  • Happy Birthday from under the sea. A cake for the sea lover. Lets dive and have fun.
  • A cake adorn with white and pink flowers for that feminine look. Covered with crumbled chocolates on the sides. Perfect for birthday,anniversary or any occasion in between.
  • A Disney character design cake for your little one.A sure party hit for kids and kids at heart. Share and enjoy this delectable cake.
  • A bowling ball cake for the person who love the game. With yellow fondant stars to cheers the game. Roll the ball and slice the cake for that party atmosphere.
  • A soccer ball cake on a grassy field. Perfect for that soccer player on any occasion. A birthday or simply winning a soccer game is enough reason to celebrate.
  • Congratulations! You made it, now lets celebrate. Nothing says congratulations quite like a cake. Share and enjoy the party.
  • A fondant cake for the graduate.Cheers and congratulations. Let every guest have a taste of this delectable and yummy cake.
  • A blue jewelry box for that special lady who loves jewelry. Perfect for a birthday party with a jewelry theme.
  • A perfect cake for the person so is into working out and weightlifting. A fun and special cake for a birthday party, or any other occasion to show appreciation.
  • A gray cake for that gallant police officer. Perfect gift for that policeman on the go. Enjoy the taste of this yummy cake.
  • A DJ inspired cake. Let the party begin. Let the music fill the room. A sure hit for music lovers.

Thank you for participating in our Giveaway!

Everyone who has ever baked a cake is welcomed!

Just upload a cake that you have made with a short description. Then share the link with friends and family for votes. Prizes and rules are located by clicking the “Rules & Prizes” Tab.

Good luck everyone!

Prizes will be awarded June 30th
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