• A cute toy cake designed for that playful boy. Let everybody push the ball and keep the fun rolling. Have a slice and keep coming for more.
  • A personalized birthday cake for that special girl.Perfect for party centerpiece. Enjoy the party as you share this cake to everyone.
  • A Superman cake for that superhero fanatic. A cake perfect for the center table.Kids will all be excited to taste this yummy cake.
  • A Chanel cake for that special someone who is beautiful inside and out. Perfect gift for Chanel aficionados. Share it to everyone who is beautiful.
  • A soccer ball cake perfect for the soccer enthusiasts. Let the ball go rolling and have fun. A slice will definitely perk the day of every player in the team.
  • A hot air balloon cake for the person who loves outdoor. A person who loves the sky. Perfect to share for any occasion.
  • A two tier pink birthday cake. Covered with frosting and fondant icing. Perfect for that teen celebrant. A delectable cake for everyone.
  • A pink two tiered fondant cake for any occasion. Beautiful and elegant for woman of any age.The flower adds femininity foe that special day.
  • A three- layer fondant pink cake with a picachu fondant on top.Perfect for the sweet sixteen girl to impress her party guests. A yummy and delectable cake.
  • A drummer's dream cake. Let's party to the beat of the drum. Perfect gift for band enthusiasts.
  • For an animal themed birthday party, this cake will surely be perfect. Underneath this cute fondant is a rich and yummy cake.
  • This lovely shoe was not made for walking, it was made for eating. Underneath this fondant is a soft and moist cake. You can choose from a variety of flavors and can add a filling too.
  • This cake would surely be a centerpiece for a birthday party. You can also send us a photo of a cake design for a custom birthday cake.

Thank you for participating in our Giveaway!

Everyone who has ever baked a cake is welcomed!

Just upload a cake that you have made with a short description. Then share the link with friends and family for votes. Prizes and rules are located by clicking the “Rules & Prizes” Tab.

Good luck everyone!

Prizes will be awarded June 30th
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