• Let the magic and adventure begin with this Alice in Wonderland themed birthday cake.Let time fly and take you to a fantasy world. A yummy cake every child will want to have on that special day.
  • A green fondant cake, with flowers and hearts. Let the clock tick and start the party.A yummy cake for everyone to enjoy.
  • A colorful balloon cake to brighten the first birthday of your little one. A sure hit in the party table, with its cool pastel colors perfect for babies.
  • A Car cake for every boy who love cars. This cake will set the tone of the party. Lets race now to the party table.
  • A black round fondant Star Wars cake covered with white stars.Perfect for that Star Wars fanatic.Feel the force and enjoy the party with this yummy cake.
  • A green, blue, white and black tile cake for that special day of your little boy. A great party cake for everyone to enjoy.
  • Birthday cake featuring Olaf from Frozen. Kids will run to the center table for this cute and yummy Olaf cake.Let the fun begin and enjoy the party.
  • A Teddy Bear sitting on a truck cake for that little one. Have a hug and start the party by having a slice of this delectable cake.
  • A personalized birthday cake for that special girl.Perfect for party centerpiece. Enjoy the party as you share this cake to everyone.
  • Turn the occasion into a magical birthday party with this colorful fondant crown cake.Make a wish and be the princess that you want to be. Have fun with all the kids with this yummy cake.
  • Peppa Pig, a character every child love. Surprise your little one with this cute Peppa Pig birthday cake. Let everybody enjoy this cake.
  • A fondant cake with a Marvel superheroes theme. Perfect for every kid who loves superheroes.Share and enjoy with everyone.
  • A Superman cake for that superhero fanatic. A cake perfect for the center table.Kids will all be excited to taste this yummy cake.

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Everyone who has ever baked a cake is welcomed!

Just upload a cake that you have made with a short description. Then share the link with friends and family for votes. Prizes and rules are located by clicking the “Rules & Prizes” Tab.

Good luck everyone!

Prizes will be awarded June 30th
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