• A cool cake for sea lovers.Finding Nemo designed cake will surely make a child excited and can't wait to share it to his friends.
  • A metal cake for that someone who is an online game aficionados. Level up and have fun with this delectable and yummy cake.
  • Congratulations! You made it, now lets celebrate. Nothing says congratulations quite like a cake. Share and enjoy the party.
  • A fondant cake for the graduate.Cheers and congratulations. Let every guest have a taste of this delectable and yummy cake.
  • Show your love with this heart shape birthday cake. Covered with red fondant and the words "I Love You" on top. This cake will surely melt the heart of every guest.
  • A colorful fondant cake with a cute lion on top and elephant on the side to give that circus themed birthday. A delectable and yummy cake every kid will enjoy.
  • Race car birthday cake. Perfect for the racing enthusiasts. Go and race to have a taste of this yummy cake.
  • A hot air balloon cake for the person who loves outdoor. A person who loves the sky. Perfect to share for any occasion.
  • A two tier fondant cake for the star of the day. A cool star birthday for everyone to enjoy.
  • A simple round pink fondant cake. Topped with yellow curls. A cake for any occasion.
  • A two tier white fondant cake adorned with white flowers. Perfect for birthday, wedding,anniversary and any other occasion in between.A cake every woman will love.
  • A blue jewelry box for that special lady who loves jewelry. Perfect for a birthday party with a jewelry theme.
  • A game controller inspired cake. Perfect for computer game afficionados. Let the game begin.
  • A cake to show the symbol of your horoscope. Perfect gift for those who look up at the stars as their guide.A delectable cake that everyone will surely love.
  • A black and gold fondant cake.Perfect for birthday, anniversary and any other occasion in between. A delectable cake everyone will love.
  • Simple yet elegant. A gold cake perfect for birthday, anniversary or any occasion in between.
  • A ski themed cake. The best birthday cake for skiers.Lets head down the slopes and party.
  • Lets drink to that. A black Guinness cap cake to cheers the man of the day.This yummy cake keeps the party going.

Thank you for participating in our Giveaway!

Everyone who has ever baked a cake is welcomed!

Just upload a cake that you have made with a short description. Then share the link with friends and family for votes. Prizes and rules are located by clicking the “Rules & Prizes” Tab.

Good luck everyone!

Prizes will be awarded June 30th
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