• A ski themed cake. The best birthday cake for skiers.Lets head down the slopes and party.
  • A champagne gold bottle cake to celebrate the man of the day. Lets cheers to that. Need to have the bottle lie down for a good slice.
  • A white and purple cake for the birthday girl.Perfect also for other celebrations. A yummy cake everybody will surely love.
  • A super heroes cake for the birthday celebrant. It will surely be a party hit for all the children, and the grown ups who are young at heart.
  • Simple yet elegant. This peach colored round ribbon cake will surely catch the eyes of everyone, and brighten the party.
  • A perfect cake for the rugby player. A sure hit for all the players of the team. Everyone will run after it.
  • A tequila bottle shaped birthday cake perfect for the man of the day. A cake to liven the party, minus the alcohol taste.
  • A lion cake will surely roar in a party for kids, and kids at heart. Perfect for animals lovers. The cute picture comes with a yummy taste.
  • This blue label cake's blend would never go wrong, it is always perfect, perfect for a birthday party! Whisky lovers would surely be happy when he received this pinnacle whisky brand!

Thank you for participating in our Giveaway!

Everyone who has ever baked a cake is welcomed!

Just upload a cake that you have made with a short description. Then share the link with friends and family for votes. Prizes and rules are located by clicking the “Rules & Prizes” Tab.

Good luck everyone!

Prizes will be awarded June 30th
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