Basic Pricing Information for Basic Fondant Cakes

Hello, Thank you for your interest in NYC Birthday Cakes. If you are here, we assume that you are having a party and are interested in a custom cake. We have put together this basic pricing guide to help choose your cake design. Custom cake pricing largely depends on 2 factors. The size of the cake and the complexity of the design.  So lets go through some of the most popular cake shapes.

Ready? Lets Go!

A round cake is the most common custom cake. Their sizes range for 6 inches to 14 inches. Below you can find the starting prices for each size. This will be the base price before decoration. We also provided examples of pricing for a basic fondant design and a more complex design.

round cake

Basic Fondant Round Cake Prices

  • 6 Inch Round Cake (Serves 4-6 People) $50
  • 8 Inch Round Cake (Serves 8-12 People) $80
  • 10 Inch Round Cake (Serves 15-20 People) $110
  • 12 Inch Round Cake (Serves 25-35 People) $150
  • 14 Inch Round Cake (Serves 40-45 People) $200

Pricing Examples

batman cake

This is an example of a fondant cake with minimal decoration. A 8 inch round cake would cost $100. $70 dollars for the basic round cake + $30 for decor.

pictures of birthday cakes
Here is an example of a round cake with an extreme amount of detail. This cake would cost $400 dollars. 70 for the basic cake + $330 for the decoration. (We could do a cheaper version with less accessories for $140 )

2 Tiered Fondant Cakes

We understand that everyone would love a beautiful 2 tiered cake for their party but if you are having a smaller party, this option might not be cost effective. A 2 tier cake would serve a minimum 25 people and starts at $150 dollars. We receive many orders for 2 tiered cakes for smaller parties but please keep in mind that it will serve a minimum 25 people and start at $150.
3 tiered cake

A 3 tiered option would feed a minimum 40 people and start at $300.

2 tiered cake

Sculpted Fondant Cakes

Sculpted fondant cakes are harder for us to provide you with basic pricing because they all are so different. I am going to provide a 2d example and  3d example or liquor bottle cakes.  3d sculpted fondant cakes are much more expensive than 2d.

Liquor Bottle Cake

2 Dimensional Sculpted Fondant Cakes

All 2 dimensional sculpted fondant cakes will feed a minimum of 15 people. The cakes have to be at least this large so the design looks proportionate. ( We do not want to create a basketball cake that is the size of a baseball )

This design to feed 15 people would cost $185. If you would like a larger bottle cake to feed 25 people. It would be $250.

3 Dimensional Sculpted Fondant Cakes

You must be very interested in custom cakes if you made it this far in our custom cake college course! =)

3 dimensional cakes are almost impossible for me to provide basic pricing for.  They will feed a minimum of 20 people.

Lets us this liquor bottle cake as an example. This cake design is one of the most basic designs for a 3d custom cake. This cake to feed approximately 20 people would cost $300.

I had enough of custom cake college, Now what?

Generally speaking, if the cake looks expensive, it most likely is. But there is no need to stress yourself out over pricing your own cake. That is why our cake designer Joseph is here to help you find the perfect option to fit your budget. Just fill out our Quote Request Form and he will respond via e-mail with a price for the cake you have in mind. If you  provide your budget, he can provide some options that fit your budget as well as the theme of the party.

We ask that all order inquires are started with our Quote Request Form. It helps us simplify the custom cake ordering process. Please keep in mind, Joseph handles a massive amount of cake requests daily, he usually replies in a few hours during normal business days.  After he replies with a price and you could call his direct extension to place your order. The number is located on the bottom of his initial response. He will go through the details with you on over the phone as well as take a deposit to confirm the order.

What can I do to reduce the price of my custom cake?

Fondant cakes are more popular because they are prettier than whipped cream/butter cream cakes. Click here for their pricing.
Our photo cakes are our best seller. They are the most affordable custom cake we have to offer. For example, instead of paying $550 dollars for a custom sculpted car cake, we can print a picture of that car on edible rice paper with edible ink and add it to a whipped cream cake. Click Here for Photo Cake Pricing.
Making custom figurines from fondant can be very time consuming and costly. Amazon could be very useful. You can order the decorations right to our bakery, where we can use them to create your cake. For example

birthday cakes for boys

Sculpted TMNT Cake

Ordering TMNT plastic figures to do a similar cake as the one above would save 100s of dollars!

We can recreate just about any cake image our clients provide but sometimes it is not cost effective to do so. For example, lets say has custom flowers in the design like blow.

female birthday cakes

We could use gum paste flowers that we keep in stock instead of recreating those flowers. Most of the time they are even most beautiful then the flowers in the picture provided.

We noticed many customers wait until the last minute to confirm their custom cake orders. We can be more flexible with pricing when orders are placed well in advance. It also provides us time to give you different options and order pre-made decorations for your cake to cut down on the cost.
I know, you can’t believe we just said that but the reality is that custom cakes are not for everyone or for every occasion. Chain stores offer very cheap cakes. Keep in mind that we are a gourmet bakery and our cakes are not made with boxed cake mix and corn syrup. We use only the finest ingredients and highly skilled labor. When you take that into consideration, our prices are extremely fair. Don’t take our word for it, shop. No other company in NYC offers our quality for a better price.