A Camera Reel Themed Cake for Your Wife

So it is your wife’s birthday in a week and the entire work load has almost made you forget it? You want to do something extraordinary and special for your wife but you are not creative enough to compete with her awesome ideas? Well, here it is, Your wife probably needs to be felt special on her day, she might need you to make up for all the days that you could not for some reason. A camera reel themed cake is just the right idea for you. Pick up a number of photos with your wife, a collection of memories that you have made with her all this time and the cake designer will fit them in the reel themed cake for you. Believe it or not, this will leave your wife startled for a minute and will make her fall in love with you all over again.

A camera reel themed cake might even be the most romantic thing that you have done for your wife in a long time and she is just so going to love it. Women, how staunch they might appear, long to be felt loved and once they have this feeling, the fee like the happiest being alive. Your wife truly derives this happiness and without much effort you can give it to her. All the pictures that you have selected will reflect your feelings about how much all this time means to you and how grateful you are for her to be present in each one of them. You will leave her feeling nostalgic about all these times and she will realize how truly she loves you too.


You probably realize it for yourself that neither the routine of your wife, nor yours allow you to spend some quality time often and make new memories worth cherishing. You might therefore cherish the ones you already have on her big day. These pictures will take her down the lane of your beautiful memories and will make her know that even you miss them. It will be a perfect way to celebrate this day alone with her followed by a romantic dinner or even give her a pre-birthday surprise.

Themed Cake IDea
All you are required to do is to collect the pictures you think reflects your relationship more beautifully and place an order at NYC birthday cakes. You also get to choose the flavor and filling of the cake and make sure the order has been placed a few days before the birthday. We promise to return you the loyalty with exactly the same design that you had in mind without compromising in the taste of course. We will even have it delivered to you at your place and you will not be disappointed with our prices as well.
Go for this amazing theme and make this birthday the most lasting memory for your wife, the one she can boast about in front of her collogues and friends and will fill the romance back in her life again.