Adult Themed Birthday Cakes for Men and Women

Are you in the process of planning a birthday bash for yourself, a family member or perhaps a friend? Get some inspiration for your party by checking out these awesome adult themed birthday cake ideas! (Most of them make excellent bachelor or bachelorette party cakes as well!)

Naughty Cakes

If you want to go with a theme that’s a little more risque than usual, you should definitely look at having a naughty cake to treat your guests. Cakes that resemble a man’s abs or special “package” are favorites of the ladies, while most men prefer their cakes to resemble a woman’s backside or cleavage. Here are a couple of example naughty birthday cakes.

Bachelor Adult Birthday Cake
Bachelorette Adult Birthday Cake

Gambling Cakes

Another fun adult theme for a birthday party is of course gambling and there are plenty of ways to design a casino themed birthday cake. If the birthday boy or girl enjoys playing a particular casino game such as poker or blackjack, a cake made to look like a deck of cards in a winning hand is a good idea.

If you want something a little more generic, you could always look at having a general casino cake created such as the one from Amarantos Cakes in the right image below.

Casino Dice and Cards Adult Birthday Cake
Poker Cards Adult Birthday Cake

Booze Cakes

We all know that one of the best things about being an adult is being able to sip on our favorite alcoholic drinks, which is why booze cakes are a terrific idea for adult birthday parties. Bakers these days are creating cakes to look almost exactly like their client’s favorite beer, wine, cocktail, a champagne bottle or even a bottle of liquor. Another wonderful idea would be to actually have the cake baked with the addition of the specific kind of alcohol, but this is only recommended if all of your guests will be of the legal drinking age. To get a few ideas, take a look at these impressive examples of booze cakes.

Wine bottle
Beer Cake

Fashion Cakes

For men and women who pride themselves on looking good and staying current with all of the latest styles, we suggest a fabulous fashion cake! You could have your cake designed to look like a high end high heel shoe, a luxury handbag or even a mix of labels and fashions like the one in the image featured below.

Fashion Designer Birthday Cake
Louis Vuitton birthday cake