Birthday Cake Ideas For Dad

Birthdays are important in the life of most people and this is because they may have significance of some sorts. Most people celebrate while others acknowledge them by just knowing that they are getting older and that’s about it. If you normally don’t celebrate birthday’s it is about time you start since you are never old for a yummy piece of cake baked just for you! Father’s play an important part in the life of children and you as the child should ensure that you celebrate your father on his birthday by preparing a great cake for him. Dads may seem macho and not care much about a birthday or a cake but you preparing one and presenting it will really make a difference. So show your father how special he is on his birthday by following these simple ideas in baking a birthday cake.


For starters, if at all your dad is a sports fan, purpose to decorate a cake using a theme from his favorite sport. From a square cake, you can carve out a baseball diamond if at all he is a baseball fan and if he is a soccer or football fan, the rectangular cake will do. A round cake can also be decorated to look like a basketball or baseball.


From what your father loves doing in terms of hobbies, select the one thing that he likes doing most then focus on it. Whether it is musical instruments, golf clubs or game pieces, consider using marzipan or fondant in creating edible decorations.


The profession your dad is in will also make for a great cake idea. With this, you bake the cake then using icing, you proceed to draw tools that are specific to your dad’s work on the cake. It can be a briefcase, computer or hardware tools among many others.


Your father may be in love with a particular car or truck that he wishes he could have so in bringing this out, consider using a fondant, which you will use in cutting it into the shape of the said truck or car. Decoration afterwards is then done with colorful icing. Another way is to bake a rectangular cake that looks like a license plate then spell out a special message on it.


How To Decorate

Creating colors

When deciding what color frosting you are going to use, know that your options are either one of the following;

  • Chocolate frosting
  • White vanilla frosting
  • Colored frosting

In creating colors, be informed that great colors for men include; red, blue, green and yellow. Creating either one of these colors involves you mixing several drops of food color into the white vanilla icing. Always avoid pastels such as light purple or pink.

Cake décor

Décor basically ranges from edible to plastic pieces and before applying any of it, ensure that you know exactly where to place it because removing it once it is placed is usually messy. Remember to leave room for any frosting or writing you might want to undertake on the cake and in addition to that, always take your time, don’t rush.

Final touches

Final touches may involve sprinkling colored sugar on top of the cake and if you have children, you can let them do that while supervising. This enables them feel like they have contributed in decorating the cake for their dad. You can also use other toppings as per your liking and this may include a huge candle with a number on it or the application of individual numbers.

Apply the afore-mentioned and you will be glad you did once you see the surprised look on his face!

Do you have other birthday cake ideas for dad? Share and comment below.