Hi there! I am Matthew Crafa. To everyone, I’m known as Matt the cake wizard. As a young boy growing up in the suburbs, baking was a family tradition.

Matthew Crafa

Waking up early in the morning, to the smell of cookie dough was the highlight of my day. Running downstairs and seeing mum baking in the kitchen her famous cookies. I would spend hours and hours watching and smelling the different aromas from vanilla cakes to sponge cakes to trifles and much more.

My mum had the powers to create anything and this would always excite me. Listening to my mum humming while I watched patiently for her creations to come out of the oven. It was so thrilling and I couldn’t wait.

My first experience of sugar art was when my mum made a wedding cake. My mum spent days making each tier with care. The different fondants used to create the flowers was fascinating. So much fine details went into producing the final piece. It was so eye catching, I’d never seen anything so mesmerising. This is when I started experimenting and baking.

Sugar art was my favourite as it’s an edible art form. It allows you to create wonders that you can actually get to eat. It’s just like painting. The cake is the canvas that can be any size and the food colouring, frosting is the paint.

Transforming visions into exquisite masterpieces is my passion. Sugar paste is my best friend. Ideas are always flowing through my mind. When a customer comes with just a few words or a thought to me, straight away I have a clear vision of the end piece.

Freshness is key to delivering the best cake. So, I bake close to the date. I want everything to be perfect for that special day in your life. I create realistic sculptured cakes and cake toppers. I love to hand paint my cakes as well as producing intricate beautiful flowers. Let’s not forget that they are edible which excites my customers.

Matthew’s Work Ethic

From the first bite, cakes should taste delicious. They must look amazing at the first glimpse. I place a huge emphasis on this attention to detail. I want the best. I have an excellent team that assist me to accomplish this. The finest ingredients are used to create the ultimate extravagant cake which is fresh.

Just remember that Matt will design the perfect cake for you. So, come along and let me be part of this journey.