2709, 2016

At NYC Birthday Cakes, We have never turned down a cake request based on content.


501, 2016

The Top 24 Custom Basketball Themed Cakes on the Internet.

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Basketball Cake for a Teenage Girl
If you have a teenage daughter that loves to play basketball. This is a great personalized cake design. You could have the figurine made to resemble her.

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2812, 2015

Different Types of Custom Round Cakes

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Edible Photo Cakes

Photo Cakes are the most popular custom cake design for children’s birthday parties. They also are the most affordable out of all the custom cake options. You just send the cake shop any picture you want on the cake. They print the picture on rice paper with  edible ink. It is usually added on a basic whip cream […]

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2411, 2015

Ordering Birthday Cakes in NYC: The Complete Guide

On a site like Yelp, there are over 3,000 results when you search “birthday cake NYC”.

With so many companies lining up to make you a birthday cake, which one should you choose?

That’s what this post is all about – finding the right bakery that can make the perfect cake for an upcoming birthday party… and at an affordable price to […]

2610, 2015

Kim Kardashian’s ‘Pregnant’ Birthday Cake!

Take a look at Kim Kardashian’s 3-Tiered ‘Pregnant Birthday’ Cake

When it came to her 35th birthday, Kim Kardashian didn’t let her pregnancy hinder her celebration. She embraced it and it became the entire theme of the party — from the decor to the birthday cake!

On Wednesday night, the star posted on Instagram a picture of her flower themed birthday cake. […]

1510, 2015

Crown Jeweled Themed Cake for your Daughter

Is your daughter going to enter into her teenage? Is it her big “Eighteenth” Birthday? Or even if she is just a kid, planning to call all her preschool friends to her birthday party, Crown jeweled theme cake can really go for any age. The reason is simple. Girls will be girls. No matter what age they turn into, their […]